CCOBH is a nonpartisan civic umbrella organization that consists of some 120 civic organizations that represent most of the communities and neighborhoods in Brandywine Hundred. It is the oldest and largest organization of its type in Delaware. CCOBH was originally formed in 1928 as the Blue Rock Mens Club, which was reformed in 1938 as the Brandywine Hundred Civic Association. In 1950 the name was changed to the current Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred, and in 1967 the CCOBH was incorporated as a nonprofit organization operating under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The primary purposes of the corporation are:

  • to consider quality-of-life issues and to promote better standards of living in Brandywine Hundred;
  • to promote, encourage, and/or assist worthwhile movements that will benefit Brandywine Hundred and its residents; and
  • to contribute in every way possible to an atmosphere of tolerance, friendliness and a positive community spirit throughout Brandywine Hundred.

While the Council’s primary focus is on Brandywine Hundred, it also promotes civic improvements and public policy ordinances and legislation that benefit the citizens throughout New Castle County and the State of Delaware.

The Council welcomes the aid and cooperation of all interested individuals and public and private groups who share our commitment to maintain and enhance the quality of life and the wellbeing of the communities of Brandywine Hundred.