CCOBH Supports Brandywine School District Operating Referendum

During more than fifty years of service to the Brandywine Hundred area, the Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred (CCOBH) has rarely endorsed either a candidate for election or a position “for” or “against” a school district referendum. However, the Brandywine School District Operating Referendum scheduled for this Wednesday, March 28th is a rare exception.

The Board has had the opportunity to examine the entire process closely. The Executive Board of CCOBH is particularly impressed that Brandywine School District reached out to the community and engaged them in an open and transparent effort to create this budget request. The Board has concluded that the referendum request is both prudent and targeted at those key elements of our children’s education needed to ensure that the District will have at its disposal the curriculum, programs, and educational tools needed to provide the best education possible, and that all this can take place in a school environment that is safe and well maintained. The Brandywine School District has earned a respected reputation for setting and achieving high educational and operational goals, and has therefore earned the support of the community for this reasonable and responsible request to maintain the momentum that it has achieved.

Therefore, CCOBH strongly endorses the Brandywine School District Operating Referendum, and urges all voters in the District to vote “For” the referendum. Where to vote.

Bob Valihura
Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred

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