2020 Governor’s Youth Volunteer Service Awards-Save the Date

Volunteer Delaware

These awards recognize the important contributions that Delaware’s Youth volunteers, 17 years old and younger, make to their communities. The awards honor young Delawareans volunteerism in the areas of arts and culture, community service, education, environment, health, human needs, public service and social justice/advocacy.

Here is a link to the 2020 Governor’s Youth Volunteer Service Awards where you can find more information. This webpage also includes a link to open the Youth Nomination Form.

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2020 Decennial Census Employment Opportunities

The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting to fill hundreds of thousands of temporary positions to assist with this census count.

Below is a flyer regarding employment opportunities for the upcoming 2020 Decennial Census. Full and Part-time census taker positions are available for applicants from 18 years old to seniors.

For more information regarding jobs for this event, you can apply now at 2020census.gov or call 1-855-JOB-2020.

Area Census Office Locations and Pay Rates in Delaware.

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National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

To improve safety in our homes, communities, and waterways, the Division of Public Health is coordinating with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on Saturday, October 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Delawareans can discard their expired and unused medicines at more than 20 designated collection sites statewide. Identification is not required and no questions will be asked. Collection sites will accept prescription and over-the-counter pills, liquids, and cream medications, and even pet medications. No syringes or inhalers will be accepted.

Enter your zip code to find a location near you: https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/SEARCH-NTBI/

“Delawareans in each county will have many options to locate a disposal site near them. We greatly appreciate the participation of each of these sites and their partnership in helping us promote safe prescription drug disposal,” said Dr. Karyl Rattay, director of Delaware’s Division of Public Health. “Offering this opportunity can help Delawareans avoid painful addictions, illegal substance use, and tragic overdoses, as well as protect our groundwater and aquatic life from contamination by substances that are often improperly flushed down drains and toilets.”

While National Prescription Take-Back Day happens only twice a year, it is important for Delaware residents to know that they can drop off their unused or expired prescription medications year-round at any of the state’s 21 designated drop-box locations. Visit https://www.helpisherede.com/Get-Help/Prescription-Drug-Drop-Box for a list of disposal sites in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties.

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GREENCC is a countywide program established to improve the environment and enhance the quality of life for county residents.

Below is some information regarding GreeNCC which may be of our interest to our communities.

The initiative intends to:

  • Enhance water and air quality
  • Encourage healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles
  • Conserve and protect local habitats
  • Promote smart growth
  • Reduce harmful emissions by promoting renewables and improving energy efficiency

We have included a link to a brochure describing NCC’s green efforts.

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Volunteer Delaware

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services and the Delaware Department of Education have partnered to develop the process by which young adults can receive recognition for volunteerism. Upon completion of 90 hours, the students can receive one elective credit on their high school transcript.  

The active participation of young adults in volunteer activities is necessary to achieve a truly healthy community and to teach young people how to be contributing members of that community.

If your organization has any opportunities for young adults to volunteer please contact Tina Gray at the address below.  This is an opportunity for your organization to recruit volunteers and the State Office of Volunteerism to help with the recruitment.  

The office is looking to create a link on our webpage that would be specific to youth and would provide us with the ability to share information with school counselors and students. Please contact our office if you work with youth and are interested in promoting youth volunteerism. Together we can build a stronger community through volunteerism.

Warm regards, 
Tina Gary 
Volunteer Services Coordinator/Volunteer
Delaware Delaware Department of Health and Social Services 
Division of State Service Centers 
805 River Road Dover, DE 19901 
Office: (302) 857-5014 Fax: (302) 857-5041 

“The mission of the Division of State Service Centers is to provide convenient access to human services, assist vulnerable populations, support communities and promote volunteer service opportunities”. 

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News from NCC District 2 CouncilPerson Dee Durham

Here is link from CouncilPerson Dee Durham on events and News happening in the month of September in her District..

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New Castle County District 2 CouncilPerson Dee Durham

Here is link from CouncilPerson Dee Durham on events and News happening in the month of June in her District..

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Recycling Grants and Low Interest Loans


DNREC offers new cycle of Delaware’s Universal Recycling Grant and Low Interest Loan Program 

DOVER (May 22, 2019) – DNREC’s Division of Waste & Hazardous Substances is offering another opportunity under the Universal Recycling Grants and Low Interest Loan Program to help Delaware organizations support the state’s municipal solid waste (MSW) diversion goal of 60 percent diversion of MSW by Jan. 1, 2020. The most recent statistics from 2017 place Delaware at a 43.1 percent diversion rate, compared to the National Diversion Rate, which stands at 34.7 percent as of 2015.  

“Statistics show that Delaware is already a national leader in recycling, but we know we still have room to grow under the Universal Recycling law, which guarantees access for recycling to all residents of the First State whether at home, work, school, or play,” said DNREC Secretary Shawn M. Garvin. “The goal of this grant program is to help organizations within Delaware increase diversion to meet and exceed our statewide goals. We encourage collaborative and creative solutions to help Delaware raise the bar and keep recycling moving in the right direction.” 

DNREC, in collaboration with the Recycling Public Advisory Council (RPAC), is offering the following opportunities:

  • Open/Competitive Programs (total funding: $210,000): This category focuses on projects that promote five key areas identified by RPAC: leveraging data to increase recycling; identifying new or existing markets to accept Delaware’s diverted materials; identifying and measuring ways to educate and encourage recycling or waste reduction behavior change; establishing recycling and/or waste reduction programs within a school, district, or university; and establishing programs to support municipal or county-led waste diversion initiatives. In this category Projects that support the goals outlined in 7 Del. Code §6055 will be considered even if they fall outside of the above parameters. 
  • Food Waste Reduction Initiatives Program (total funding: $100,000): Projects within this category must be directed at ways to help the food service/restaurant industry reduce the amount of food waste going to Delaware landfills.
  • School Field Trip Program (total funding: $80,000): Funding for school bus companies to take students/classes from a single grade level from every school in Delaware to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) Education Center located in New Castle. This program is open to any public or private school in Delaware. 

Application forms and the guidance document are available at Delaware recycling grants and loans, or via Delaware’s recycling website at www.recycling.delaware.gov.

Applicants are advised to read the guidance document prior to submitting their applications. Applications will be due to DNREC by the close of business Friday, July 12, 2019.

Due to the limited amount of funding, partial grants might be awarded based on RPAC’s discretion. RPAC and DNREC emphasize that applicants for grants and low-interest loans do not need to be recycling experts to put forward a recycling grant proposal. DNREC highly encourages creative solutions and collaboration amongst applicants. 

To learn more about Delaware Recycles, or for assistance with a grant application, call 302-739-9403 or email recycle@delaware.gov.

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2019 Christina River Cleanup

Naamans Creek Watershed

Here are a few of the photos from the April 6th cleanup.  There were about 90 participants overall.  GotJunk picked up 2860 lbs. of trash and the County and scrappers picked up about another 400 lbs.  33 tires.  State Senator Cathy Cloutier and NCC Councilman John Cartier were at the Naamans site. Senator Tom Carper, Senator Chris Coons and Representative Lisa Rochester were at other sites along the Christina.  Community residents of Arden, Ardentown, Lancashire, Channin and around the Forwood Preserve were active in their neighborhoods.

Special thanks to Marianne Cinaglia for once again organizing and managing the Naamans Creek Watershed cleanup!

We also cleaned up up an area of Naamans Creek behind the Tri-State Mall.

Saving the earth. Back end of Tri-State Mall adjacent to Naamans Creek.
Naamans Creek near Tri-State Mall. Next time we’ll remember to take before photos. Looking much better.
New Castle County Councilman John Cartier, District 8 and cleanup crew.
Wilmington Christian Academy Students
Wilmington Christian Academy Students
Arden Volunteers
Arden Volunteers
Ardentown Volunteers
Arden Volunteers
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DEA National Prescription Drug Takeback Day

April 27th 2019 was Nation Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications.

For more details about Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, visit http://dhss.delaware.gov/dph/hsp/hhdrugtakeback.html or call 302-744-4546, ext. 4.

There are also 21 Permanent Medicine Drop-off Locations across the state available year-round.  Six of Delaware’s permanent drop-off sites are in Walgreens pharmacies and the other 15 are located in local law enforcement agencies. 

For a list of permanent collection sites, visit https://www.helpisherede.com/Get-Help/Prescription-Drug-Drop-Box. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in Delaware, call DHSS’ 24/7 Crisis Hotline to be connected to treatment and recovery options. In New Castle County, call 1-800-652-2929. Or in Kent and Sussex counties, call 1-800-345-6785. To search online for treatment and recovery services in Delaware or nearby states, visit HelpIsHereDE.com.

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