Naamans Creek Watershed Cleanup 2021 Review

The Naamans Creek Watershed Cleanup 2021 took place from April 18th to April 24th. As of May 14th, 2021 here are the results of the Naamans Creek Watershed cleanup.

Disposed of by Got Junk = 1450 lbs
Disposed of by collectors or by Claymont Fire Company = 500 lbs (44 bags, 1 sofa, 2 shopping carts)
DelDOT contractor = 100 lbs (5 tires)
Total = 2050 lbs

A ton collected and disposed of is great news – especially when most of the collecting was done by members of NCWA. Special recognition should be given to Jack Waslyn’s grandchildren – they did three sites!

Also want to remind people to send any photos to Andrea Stewart  She is selecting a recipient for a pass to Delaware State Parks.

Next year we might want to consider having a week where the collectors could clean and take home trash. Alternatively, if they wanted to have it picked up, then trash could be collected on Friday and Saturday only and left at curbside.

Here is a breakdown on some of the items that were collected:

  • 69 bags
  • 8 tires
  • 3 propane tanks
  • 4 shopping carts
  • metal table and chair
  • 2 5′ x 5′ insulation sheets
  • 2 12″ x 10′ insulation “boards”
  • 1 full trash can
  • 1 full 2′ x 2′ x3′ box
  • 2 large plastic tarps
  • Large pieces of cardboard 
  • 4′ x 6′ political cardboard
  • 1 sofa

Thank you all for helping out!

Here are some stations that were not cleaned along Naamans Road.

5.   Foulk and Naamans, southwest corner, across from Acme. Wooded wetlands on both sides of Locust Avenue to stream bridge. Start at Corner of Foulk and Naamans.  Foulk and Naamans, southwest corner, across from Acme. Wooded wetlands on both sides of Locust Avenue to stream bridge. Start at Corner of Foulk and Naamans.  

13.  All around Lancashire elem. school to Kirkwood Fitness. Work along edges of Lancashire School lot. Then cross stream and pick up along path/stream to Kirkwood Fitness parking lot. Also clean stormwater basins along Naamans Road and swale

14.  Start at entrance to Ballymeade (across from Lancashire School entrance) and work to include stormwater basins (one in back of the other) in undeveloped Brandywine Pavilion area. End at start of new driveway. 

16.   Woods around firehouse. Start at Naamans and Darley and work along to stormwater basin on Marsh Road. Follow catch basin channels across from Walgreens and at Naamans and Darley into woods

19.  Stormwater basin on Naamans Road east of Trinity Pres. Church and drainage ditch along Beverly Woods. Swale along both sides Naamans Road to entrance to Swim Club. BOOTS

20.   Darley Swim Club Entrance, Naamans Road across from Bechtel Park
21.   Carpenter Station shopping center. Stream banks from Naamans Road to railroad tracks. Feral cat home. 

The ones cleaned in Claymont were:

  • 18. TriState Mall
  • 24. Along Darley Road
  • 26. Along Philadelphia Pike 

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