Summary of CCOBH – March 12, 2018 County Seminar

CCOBH Seminar seriesBelow is a brief summary of comments by New Castle County personnel at the March 12 Seminar.

Chief of Staff Aundrea Almond  (work #302-395-5205) introduced the County personnel.

Public Safety

  • County Police – Crime in the County is down except for car thefts.  Police provided information and brochures on Park Smart, Burglary Prevention, and the Block Watch Program. For information call the Community Services Unit at (302) 395-8050.
  • Emergency Communications – Explained that limited cell tower capacity was the reason that 911 calls sometimes got shifted to surrounding states.  New Castle County 911 center received over 30,000 911 calls that belonged to surrounding states.  These calls should be forwarded to the correct district. Citizens can register for alerts through the Emergency Notification System Self-Registration Portal. Although text 911 is available, the best way to communicate is voice communications.
  • Paramedics – Work with fire departments but are independent units.  Personnel are State certified and trained to bring the same skills and procedures of a hospital emergency room directly to the patient’s side.  Further information on website at NCC Emergency Medical Services.

Special Services  (302) 395-5700

  • Sewer – Showed maps of NCC projects and explained current status.  A large current project is manhole rehabilitation.  Reminded attendees that a household practice should be:  No FOG down the sink drains!  FOG = Fats, Oils, Grease.
  • Parks – Parks with active and projected projects were located on NCC map.  They include:  Jester Park, Edgemoor Gardens, Rockwood Park, Bechtel Park, Talley Day Park, Bonsall Park, Chatham Park, Gwinhurst Park.

Land Use – Code Enforcement  (302) 395-5555

  • Some of the points made include:  All rental properties should be registered.  5% are inspected, however, it is easier for NCC personnel to get into the units in good condition.
  • Most common violations in residential properties:
    • Overgrown grass and weeds: Grass must be maintained at a height of eight (8″) inches or less.
    • Structures in disrepair: Doors, windows, roofing, as well as accessory structures such as sheds and fences, must be maintained in good repair.
    • Vehicles: Motor vehicles and trailers on your property must be operable and have up-to-date registration. Vehicles, including boats and boat trailers, must be on a hardened surface.
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