Christina River Watershed Cleanup Results

70 people turned out on April 8th to help clean up the creeks and stormwater basins in Brandywine Hundred that feed into the Naamans Creek Watershed and then the Delaware River.

2 tons of trash were collected, including 15 bags of trash from the basins at Channin and Brandon, 15 automobile tires from one place and 22 from another, 5 more from miscellaneous spots, 2 bicycles, 5 shopping carts, a bed headboard, upholstery cushions and, as usual, much plastic (bottles and bags) and glass bottles.

We got significant support for the after-cleanup luncheon from Harry’s Savoy Grill and the businesses in the F&N Shopping Center including Sweeney’s Bakery, Nino’s Pizza, the Acme, Safeway, Rite Aid and F&N Liquors.

1-800-GotJunk again collected and disposed of the trash.

A special “thank you” to Jack Waslyn for organizing the luncheon, Bruce Shumway for riding the Got Junk Truck and Larry Walker for carting 37 tires to the cleanup drop-off spot at the Airport Sheraton.

The total Christina River Cleanup gathered 20 tons of trash including several hundred tires. About 850 volunteers participated.

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