Neighbors of the Edgemoor Port – Survey

The following is shared from the Neighbors of Edgemoor Port:

Dear Brandywine Hundred neighbors:

Construction will begin at the site of the old DuPont Edgemoor Plant, for a new second port, within the next two years.  Large box containers will be transported by rail and truck into and out of the DuPont Edgemoor Plant site.  There will be significant truck transport, with primary method of transport by rail.  Port operations (large cranes, lights, etc.) will be conducted around the clock, seven days a week.  Neighbors of the Edgemoor Port was formed to partner with the port authorities to determine ways to enhance our community, and help mitigate any negative community impacts.  We need your input now!!  Please like our facebook page, Neighbors of the Edgemoor Port, and take our brief survey below.  Your feedback is very important.

Click on the below link to take our brief survey: 4/18/18 State endorses Wilmington port privatization –The Delaware General Assembly has given its final endorsement of a proposal to allow Emirati port operator Gulftainer to privatize the Port of Wilmington and develop a new container port at Edgemoor. 3/29/18 $580 million Wilmington port takeover could add over 5,000 jobs International port operator Gulftainer wants to invest $574 million to retool the existing Port of Wilmington and build a new container terminal on the Delaware River at Edgemoor, Peter Richards, CEO of the company, said in an interview.

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