Recycling Q&A

Not always sure what items can be recycled? Below are some questions and answers that may be helpful and add clarification to Delaware’s Recycling Program

1. Are the heavy plastic “bags” that sheets and blankets and bedspread come in recyclable?  If so, do they go in with the more flexible plastic bags or with the single cycle stuff.

All plastic film and bags should be brought back to the stores.  Nearly all plastic films are recyclable.  Any plastic bags or film put into single stream containers are thrown away as residue. DO NOT PUT PLASTIC BAGS OR FILM IN RECYCLING CARTS.

2. If you shred you own paper – bills and back statements – can you get it into the single cycle stream somehow. 

All shredded paper put into recycling carts is thrown away as residue. DO NOT PUT SHREDDED PAPER IN RECYCLING CARTS.

3. How dangerous is it to put unshredded bank statements into the single stream?

DSWA holds 18 paper shredding events each year. This is the best way to get sensitive documents recycled. 

4.  Are places like Sea Colony considered multiple family or businesses?

If trash is collected from house to house then it is residential. If there are centralized dumpsters then it is considered multi-family.

5.  Since all haulers do not use DSWA facilities what are the responsibilities of waste collectors to inform their customers on what they will take? Is it a one time contact or is it annual?

There are no obligations by law, but most haulers communicate with their customers on an as needed basis.

6. In NCC, Waste Management is now using DSWA facilities.

 Waste Management MRF and DSWA MRF take the exact same things. No differences.

7. Are there different guidelines for the three categories – single family, multiple family, commercial – in how often the hauler communicates/clarifies collection policies?

There are no specific requirements for the haulers to communicate with their customers. There are no requirements for any category.

8. In order to do business in the State do haulers have to file their collection policies to get a license?

Yes, haulers must tell DSWA what they plan to collect in order to get licensed.

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