Residential Waste Disposal & Recycle Collection Guide

Below is the latest document for residents to use to ease their selection of a waste hauler. We have provided this  RESIDENTIAL-WASTE-DISPOSAL Guide for our members use on their websites.

This guide can assist the residential customer in evaluating various companies that collect waste for disposal and recycling. While the basic services of these companies are similar, each has unique operation and options that may appeal to the customer. By seeking answers to the questions below the customer can identify the company that will best suit requirements of a particular household and determine the relative costs of the service. It is recommended that several waste collection companies be interviewed and the overall costs for services meeting the customer’s expectation be tabulated for comparison. A list of Delaware residential haulers offering universal curbside recycling is available at: DSWA (

Each company provides basic service consisting of: weekly collection of household waste and periodic collection of material for recycling. When interviewing potential waste collectors determine the following:

Regular Trash

What is the cost of once per week collection of regular trash?
Is twice per week collection an option? Cost?
Are waste containers provided for regular trash or does the customer provide?
What is the standard container size?
Can smaller containers be provided if size is a problem?

Recycle Services

Is recycle waste collected at a different time? How often?
What is the standard container size?
Can smaller containers be provided if size is a problem?
Can waste be collected at the house or must cans be placed at the curb? Cost?

Yard Waste

Is there a separate charge for yard waste collection? Cost?
How often is yard waste collected?
Is there a limit on size or quantity hauled away?
If yard waste is included as a surcharge, does the surcharge continue during periods when there is no yard waste?


Is there a senior discounted rate?
Are there any other costs or surcharges.

June 3, 2013 DelEASI

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