Stream and Wetlands Restoration in Harvey Mill Park

In 1996 Naamans Creek Watershed Association began its efforts to address some of the stormwater runoff problems along Naamans Creek. Councilman Robert Weiner and Representative Wayne Smith advocated for and helped to fund the Naamans Creek Flood Abatement Study (1999). One of the recommendations was to restore the stream to a more natural meandering form and restore the floodplains in Harvey Mill Park (between Lancashire and Wynnwood) to act as a natural temporary storage facility for rainwater after storm events. This restoration has finally begun! It will extend from northeast of the basketball court to the lower bridge across the creek. New Castle Conservation District is overseeing the project. The included pictures help document the progress achieved by April 25.


Harvey Mill Park_aerial 1

Google Earth view showing location of Harvey Mill Park with Naamans Road going across the top and Foulk Road on the left side. The unnatural straightened stream is very obvious.


Harvey Mill Park-aerial 2

Google Earth view showing Harvey Mill Park before the restoration began. The natural flood plain with its meandering stream has been filled in. Most of the restoration will be on the left (Wynnwood) side. The county sewer line is located on the right (Lancashire) side. This area of the stream has little riparian buffer.


Exiting stream, straight, no riparian buffer, mowed to stream edge.






Pumping water out of stream bed. Water is diverted from stream bed to aid construction.





Water travels downstream by hose; re-enters creek.





Future floodplain. The floodplain will be planted with native species that can withstand both wet and dry conditions.



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