Brandywine Country Club Project – CCOBH State PLUS Hearing Working Group

Hello Neighbors… I have a status update for the BCC (Brandywine Country Club) project.

The next step in the land use process is to prepare comments to be submitted to members of the State of DE PLUS hearing. (PLUS = Preliminary Land Use Service)

CCOBH asked and was granted a delay of the PLUS hearing so that it will not be any sooner than September. But we do not want to procrastinate.

Please note, CCOBH requested this delay for the benefit of the community to make sure that each of you, and the community as a whole, has a full and fair opportunity to comment and have decision makers hear and consider the concerns.

This is YOUR opportunity to have a meaningful impact on decision makers by helping draft community comments on the plan, as they relate to the individual state departments who have a say in this project.

CCOBH is seeking members of the community, CARZ members and neighboring civic association leaders to be part of a process of drafting and reviewing comments for each of the PLUS committee hearing members.

While the actual PLUS hearing is open to the public, there is no public comment at the hearing. However, having a large contingent of neighbors attend would benefit our efforts.

Several CCOBH board members will be participating in the process. For everyone else interested in participating, please send me an email at we can include you in the, review, formation and execution of the comments for the PLUS committee members and the meetings we hope to hold with those decision makers prior to the PLUS hearing.

Following the PLUS hearing, the next step is the interaction the community can have with the NCC Land Use department, as they prepare their comments for the Planning Board Hearing. This is where we can benefit from an understanding of the “criteria” both the planning board and land use will use for their deliberations. This is when we should use the Cavaliers CC document I previously posted. Using Land Use’s recommendations about Cavaliers will help us focus on the specific criteria the department gives the most weight and priority, not that other issues are unimportant. It’s just that the Cavaliers’ letter gives us great insight into the process and what Land Use is looking at, such that we are best positioned to present arguments in the context of the criteria they give top priority.

After that, the next steps would be to plan comments we can share at the Planning Board hearing, then comments we can share at the NCC Council Land Use committee meeting, and, finally, comments we can share at the NCC Council vote on the BCC project. All of these steps in the process are months off, but planning now for them is not only critical, but will ultimately determine how successful the community will be. Please remember, based upon past votes on County Council, including the most recent one on the Cavaliers CC — a recommendation for a project by both the Planning Board and Land Use department will almost guarantee a majority vote by NCC Council, no matter how our lone Councilman votes. Our success depends upon our impact during the early stages of this land use process.

Thus, while it is possible the progress of the rezoning could be delayed or even stopped along the way, preparing as if the process is going to proceed to the end, will be our best strategy.

Please remember: CCOBH represents the consensus of the community. The inclusion of and participation by many concerned groups and neighbors will help us make the best arguments.

Please let me know if you have any questions and send your email to if you want to be part of the effort.

RJ Miles President – McDaniel Civic Association VP – CCOBH

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