CCOBH joins the Beaver Valley Conservancy

A bi-state coalition of groups and individuals have joined together under the banner of the “Beaver Valley Conservancy” to address the proposal to develop property owned by Woodlawn Trustees in Concord Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Located just over the Delaware State line and adjacent to Beaver Valley Road, the land is proposed be developed into upscale housing, age restricted housing and an over 200,000 square foot shopping center. The land is contiguous to Woodlawn’s landholdings in Brandywine Hundred, and because of the size, location and scope of the project, CCOBH has agreed to join with our neighbors to the north to take action to see if alternatives to the development of this property can be achieved.

CCOBH is concerned not only with the loss of the open space, but also with the traffic that this project will create on Route 202 and the roads in and through the Brandywine Valley. It is the hope of the Beaver Valley Conservancy that the land can somehow be included in those lands that are now being discussed to encompass a proposed National Park along the Brandywine River.

As currently proposed, the 318 acre mixed use residential and commercial development proposal, as it was last submitted to Concord Township, would have residential access to homes on both sides of Beaver Valley Road in Pennsylvania and access to the shopping center across from Pyles Ford Road on Route 202 just north of State Line Road.

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