Volunteer Delaware

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services and the Delaware Department of Education have partnered to develop the process by which young adults can receive recognition for volunteerism. Upon completion of 90 hours, the students can receive one elective credit on their high school transcript.  

The active participation of young adults in volunteer activities is necessary to achieve a truly healthy community and to teach young people how to be contributing members of that community.

If your organization has any opportunities for young adults to volunteer please contact Tina Gray at the address below.  This is an opportunity for your organization to recruit volunteers and the State Office of Volunteerism to help with the recruitment.  

The office is looking to create a link on our webpage that would be specific to youth and would provide us with the ability to share information with school counselors and students. Please contact our office if you work with youth and are interested in promoting youth volunteerism. Together we can build a stronger community through volunteerism.

Warm regards, 
Tina Gary 
Volunteer Services Coordinator/Volunteer
Delaware Delaware Department of Health and Social Services 
Division of State Service Centers 
805 River Road Dover, DE 19901 
Office: (302) 857-5014 Fax: (302) 857-5041   

“The mission of the Division of State Service Centers is to provide convenient access to human services, assist vulnerable populations, support communities and promote volunteer service opportunities”. 

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