Christina River Watershed Cleanup – April 18 from 8am-12pm


Here is your opportunity to join the Christina River Watershed Cleanup! Make a difference by spending a little time along the Naamas Creek! (Meet behind Sweeney’s Bakery in the F&N Shopping Center).

Also visit: CHRISTINARIVERCLEANUP.ORG or call (302) 838-1897 to register.

Here are some flyers to share with your neighbors and friends:

2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 1
2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 2
2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 3
2015_CRWC_Postings_-_Naamans 4

Here is a summary of the of what the 2014 Cleanup accomplished:

The Naamans Creek Watershed Cleanup, held annually in connection with the Christina River Watershed Cleanup, pulled out over 1.5 tons of trash from the stream and surroundings.  This trash included car and truck tires, shopping carts, a highway sign, a picnic bench, lawnmower parts and a TV set.  Most of the material was plastic bags and bottles, soda and beer cans and newspaper circulars.  Sixty volunteers cleaned 17 different sites in our watershed. County Councilman John Cartier and State Representative Bryon participated in the cleanup.  Councilman Cartier also contributed $350 to the Cleanup.  Bill Baldwin and Action Environmental Service Corp helped with heavy removals.  Drew Hayes rode the Got Junk truck to help with the pickup.  Got Junk again donated time and dumping fees to the Cleanup effort.  Marianne Cinaglia located 18 sites for cleanup and pickup.  Jack Waslyn contacted food and supply donors including Harry’s Savoy, Sweeney’s Bakery, Acme, Rite Aid, F&N Liquors, Nino’s, and SafeWay.

Almost 700 volunteers participated in the entire 23rd Annual Christina River Watershed Cleanup and eliminated up about 20 tons of trash and recyclables from New Castle County.

Harvey Mill Park

About 30 trees and shrubs were planted in Harvey Mill Park the day of the Cleanup.  They were obtained by Tom Zaleski of the Newark City Parks Department and were paid for by inkind labor to plan and plant.  The effort was lead by Bill Baldwin and Action Environmental Service Corp.

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