Remember to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle this Holiday Season

Gift boxes, as well as cardboard boxes, and most wrapping paper can be recycled curbside as a part of Delaware’s Universal Recycling Program.

Please take Styrofoam packaging, (clean) take-out containers/plates/cups, and foam packing peanuts to the Delaware Recycling Center in New Castle, or the Delaware Solid Waste Authority’s Milford Transfer Station.

More information on recycling in Delaware can be found in the How to Recycle Guide.

Monthly Tip from Keep America Beautiful: Give with the 3 R’s This Season

REDUCE: Give an experience. Whether it’s a trip for your family, a homemade dinner for your significant other, or an hour of smartphone training for your grandma- the gift of your time is the most valuable thing you can give to your loved ones!

REUSE: Wrap a gift in something that you’re reusing, like newspaper, or something the recipient can reuse, like a dish towel, cookie tin, or basket.

RECYCLE: Make sure your post-celebration cleanup includes recycling.

          • Cardboard boxes and non-metallic wrapping paper can be recycled.
          • Give new life to ribbons and gift bags by saving them for the next gift-giving occasion.


Thank You from Keep America Beautiful
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