Naamans Creek Watershed Cleanup Report

Many thanks to the approximately 80 neighborhood volunteers who helped clean up about 2800 lbs. of trash from the Namaans Creek Watershed on Saturday April 21st. Councilman John Cartier and State Representative Bryon Short participated along Naamans Creek.

The Tri-state Mall area was the overall winner, as usual, with an ample supply of shopping carts, lots of trash in plastic bags, and a few tires.

We completely filled the truck at Tri-state, had to run to the landfill to unload and then head back to Tri-state to finish up, filling the truck up another ¼ full. (See photo below).

We were very fortunate to have the assistance of the great guys from 1800GotJunk.

Once again, a very successful cleanup event for the Naamans Creek Watershed and all the other watersheds in the Christina River Watershed. The Christina River Watershed provides 75% of the public water supply for residents and businesses in New Castle County. Your annual efforts help to improve wildlife habitat and keep each of these waterways as free from debris as possible. Thanks again to all the volunteers! You’re the best!

Below are a few pictures from the event.

Marianne Cinaglia (Naamans Creek Watershed Chair) and 1800GotJunk Associate

2nd load (1/4 full) after 1st load taken to landfill

Part of the Cleanup Crew

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