Currently, CCOBH (Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred) is working with NCC to arrange a Public Meeting for the Brandywine Hundred Communities. When arrangements are completed, CCOBH will send out announcements to all member communities.

Delaware’s three counties have not conducted a property reassessment in decades. New Castle County has contracted with Tyler Technologies to conduct a reassessment project to update property assessments from the base year of 1983, providing an efficient technical process with current, accurate property values.  Tyler Technologies’ data collectors will start working in neighborhoods throughout the 4th District.  (The exact timing is not known yet, see the links below).

The purpose of conducting the reassessment is to remedy a Delaware Chancery Court ruling in 2020 that found property taxing systems in each of the state’s three counties to be unconstitutional and not in compliance with Delaware law.  NCC property reassessment is to address the inequities in Delaware’s property tax system and ensure that each property owner pays only their fair share of the tax burden; no more and no less. 

Property Owners should be on the lookout for the data collectors. They will be making their way through New Castle County, visiting every property, measuring improvements on the property and collecting data. These data collectors will complete an exterior inspection and ask property owners basic questions about the interior, such as what type of heating and cooling system is in the home. If a data collector stops by when you are not home, they will leave you a questionnaire. Once data collection is complete on your property, you will receive a mailer outlining the characteristics of your home.

To learn more about the New Castle County property reassessment process visit the following link:  Key dates as well as pictures of the Data Collectors will be uploaded to this website. If you have any doubt about whether a data collector is in your area, please feel free to call your County Assessment Office at 302.395.5520.

UPDATE 9/10/23: Here is a map of the NCCDE Assessment Site visits to date.

Once the data has been collected, a data mailer will be mailed to the property owner with the information that was collected. NCC is asking homeowners to notify them immediately if there is an error or if something was missed in the assessment. The most accurate information will ensure the most accurate value for the property.

After all the data is collected and data mailers have been returned and reviewed, Tyler Technologies will begin analyzing the data. 

You can find more information at the following link which contains the frequently asked questions document compiled by Tyler Technologies.  Please check back for updates as the project progresses.

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