Upcoming Proposals Projects around Brandywine Hundred

The following information was shared by County Councilman Bob Weiner

Attention civic leaders: You may want to share this important information with your neighbors

Concord Pike is alive and well despite the deterioration of other commercial areas. Unlike most other markets, Brandywine Hundred’s main commercial street, Concord Pike, continues to attract many new customers and brands and existing brands are expanding. This is a sign of a healthy market, which helps protect our residential property values; as well as protecting against crime that blight invites. The vibrancy of the center of a community is a GOOD character measurement of the overall community.

Some of the Concord Pike proposed projects are “by right plans” … which means projects are permitted under their current zoning category and do not permit any County Council approval. “By right plans” are approved administratively by the County Land Use Department, and do not require public hearings. Other projects are “tenant fit out” projects which utilize the existing structure with changes only to the building’s interior. The County Land Use Department approves “tenant fit-outs”…when an existing commercial property closes and a new commercial use replaces the old commercial use. Neither New Castle County Council nor the district councilperson receives any notice or is involved in this decision-making process. Once a property is commercial, it can morph to a different commercial use as long as the new use conforms with the New Castle County Building Code and the property is properly licensed by the State; if a license is required for the new business.

In our effort to keep you up to date on what is happening in your neighborhood, I am sending to you information that I have been able to glean about projects filed with our Department of Land Use. These are short descriptions of the projects.

Route 202 and Garden of Eden Road – Quality Inn & Suites 4000 Concord Pike
We learned that this site will be occupied by several entities .. WAWA with gas pumps and canopy, a medical office and one other undetermined business. Construction is set to begin this fall and WAWA will be operational in the spring of 2013.

Golden Castle Diner
I was informed that the new tenant of the former Golden Castle Diner will open a Med Express, An Urgent Care Center. Urgent care offers treatment to patients of all ages for injury and illness, like the flu, asthma attacks, broken bones, cuts requiring stitches and more, providing you a one-stop option for unscheduled, time-sensitive care. Here is a link to the exploratory plan report on this page: http://www.nccde.org/Project/Details/Default.aspx?ProjectKey=

Convenience/Pantry One store
I learned that this site will be occupied by MidCoast Community Bank, a full-service community bank offering banking products and personal service in Delaware, and the surrounding counties of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Shell Gas Station (next to Charcoal Pit)
Louis Capano’s office advised my office that they are working with a local restaurateur to develop the property as an upscale casual restaurant. The restaurateur would prefer to remain anonymous at this time. The Capano organization is working out some issues with DelDOT. Once those are resolved, they look to forward to proceeding.

The Old Circuit City Building
Ashley Furniture will be retrofitting the abandoned Circuit City site and moving from its current location at the Brandywine Town Center to its renovated store at 4130 Concord Pike.

First Bank of Delaware
Bryn Mawr Trust Bank is taking over the branch located in the Brandywine Commons Shopping Center (where Shoprite Grocery Store, Appleby’s and the Tile Store are located).

Five Below
This store has moved from Fairfax to a larger store at 3600 block of Concord Pike (in the Concord Gallery where Brew Ha Ha is located) and is now open for business!

Sun East Credit Union
They are also located in the 3600 block of Concord Pike (in the Concord Gallery where Brew Ha Ha is located)


To find more information on important projects like The New Pilot School at the south side of Woodlawn Road; the expansion of the Greenville Center; the expansion of the Hollywood Grille Restaurant and more, please contact my office at 302-395-8362 or send an email request to bob@bobweiner.com .


To view additional projects in your area, click on the link to view a short description and informational links from the Department of Land Use web site at


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